How to Easily Dry Clothes Using Dryer Ball

use dryer balls

If you live in 2019 and are not living in a cave, chances are you have ever heard about wool dryer balls. This dryer ball has been used for years as an alternative for a liquid fabric softener and a dryer sheet. Generally, the ball is expected to reduce the drying time and help soften your clothes.

How to Use a Dryer Ball to Dry Your Clothes

When it comes to a dryer ball, it typically works by stumbling around your clothes in the dryer and separating them while allowing warm air flow more effortlessly. By doing so, it can help your clothes dry out quicker and more efficiently. To prove it, you should give it a chance and see if it really do the work.

Smart Tips on How to Use a Dryer Ball to Dry Clothes

Thus, are you ready to give the dryer balls a try? Actually, there is nothing difficult in using a dryer ball for boosting a drying process. You can simply put the balls into your laundry and let them do the work. However, if you want to make the most of the balls, consider these following tips.

Tips 1: Get the best dryer ball

Indeed, you will need a dryer ball. However, what kind of product should you get at this point? We cannot deny that there are countless different products out there. They come in different sizes and materials. Rather than plastic or rubber drying balls, it is more recommended to find the one made of natural fibers like wool.

Wool dryer ball is generally better for a reason. Compared to plastic, wool drying ball is much quieter. The plastic one typically makes lots of clattering noise when it is being utilized in the dryer. Then, why should you have a plastic product when you can get one made of natural sources?

Tips 2: Don’t dry big loads at once

Do you remember how the dryer ball works previously? Like mentioned above, it works by separating your laundry in order to let hot air flow more efficiently and evenly in the dryer. For this reason, you are advised to dry small to medium-sized loads only to give space for the ball to work properly.

Tips 3: Use the right amount of balls

Do you know how many dryer wool balls you need per load? Commonly, you will need three of the XL balls each load. Simply grab the balls and throw them into the dryer together with your laundry. After that, you can let the drying balls to do the job. Watch your laundry for the initial loads and see the difference.

A Final Word of Using a Dryer Ball

Those are a few tips that you can follow to make the most of your drying balls. You will usually find your laundry to dry much faster than before once you employ the balls. The last, remember to replace your dryer ball once it starts to look scraggly. It is usually recommended to replace the wool dryer every 1,000 loads.

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